Can You Walk On A Metal Carport?

Picture For Walking On A Metal Carport

Your garage is full of different things; table, bicycle, and this list go on and on. There is no room for your bike or cars. A carport provides a possible solution. A metal carport protects your vehicles from the sun and storms. As they are just a frame and a cover, they have a feeling of openness. It is also cheaper to build a carport than to make an additional garage. Therefore, whether you have a bike, truck, or a car to protect, a carport is the best solution. You must be thinking of you can walk on the metal carport.

Can You Walk On A Metal Carport?

Well, the answer is yes. However, you have to walk on metal carports safely. 

There are thousands of possible configurations for carport. This is where you need professional services to design the carport that’s right for your situation. They will give you advice based on your conditions and also consider your region’s requirements for snow loads, wind loads, and seismic ratings.

Tips for walking on metal carport

Here are some tips for walking on a metal carport

Wear soft shoes

Wear soft shoes with a rubber sole for better grip. Place the ladder closer to where it should be on the ceiling, but away from the identified weak spots. It should be extended a minimum of 3 feet above the edge of the roof so that you have something to stick to. Climb the ladder and carefully walk on the carport.

Walk safely

Walk safely on the metal carport by staying on or at least near the joists. You will know when to step on the joist because it will feel solid underfoot, except the rafter is spoiled, of course. Joists are generally spaced 16 to 24 inches apart. Avoid stepping on the seams.

Use safety harness

Make use of a roof safety harness to safely walk on the roof if it is in poor condition or steep. Mostly, the harness connects you to the roof to protect you from falling in case you lose your balance. Be sure to follow the instructions on how to wear the harness rendering to the manufacturer’s instructions as each brand may differ. Make sure to check the buckles, and it fits tight.

Know to walk in the right places

There are different techniques for the best way to walk on metal surfaces, and it depends on the type of metal roof you will be walking on. There are many metal roofs, such as corrugated steel roofs, standing seam, and metal tile roofs, etc.

Moreover, it is better to luft the roof and tilts your body towards the roof to balance. Raise or lower a sloping roof by walking as you would on the ground, but slowly. Go up the steep roof to the side. That is, instead of walking directly in front of you, turn your feet, one by one, to the side as you go.

The safest way to make sure you don’t damage your roof is to ask the installers, manufacturer, or contractors directly for instructions. The professionals exactly how to work on that specific metal roof and will give you detailed instructions.

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