Can You Walk On Metal Shingles? The Dos And Don’ts.

How To Walk On Metal Shingles

Can you walk on metal shingles?

One of the myths about the metal roof that we come across is that you cannot walk on a metal roof. The noise may come from another roofing material that is best not to be walked on. Clay or concrete roofing tiles can be damaged if they walk across, while asphalt can be eroded prematurely with heavy traffic. However, metal roofs do not suffer from these restrictions.

Metal shingles offer the unique look of traditional roofing systems, including cedar shingles, slate, tiles, composition shingles, and more. A tiled metal roof often costs less than an architectural roof with vertical joints of comparable quality, while offering the same durability, longevity, and protection. You can walk on metal roofs in the real world, but how and where will depend on the style of roof you choose. Metal roofs can resist you and walk on you better than ceramic tile and some other roofing systems. Even asphalt is damaged by frequent walking, which is not necessarily the case with metal.

Here are some essential things to consider before going for metal shingles

Consult with the manufacturer

Firstly, consult with the manufacturer on the recommended way to walk on this roofing product. It is recommended that the metal shingles walk on the top half of the shingle panel, as there is a small air gap between the metal. If you think you have areas that might be exposed to frequent foot traffic, you may want to consider installing foam backing on these shingles. This will help stabilize these areas to manage foot traffic better.

Be Careful 

We all know a lot of work is done without fall protection, but many falls also happen, with some reports indicating that 40% of construction fall-related fatalities are caused by falling from roofs, and a third in only 20 feet. Fall protection kits can be purchased for as little as $ 100, making them a significant investment that can save your life. 

Wear the right shoes

Right shoes provide stability when walking on the surface. Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofs are very slippery, and without proper footwear, the likelihood of not being able to walk is significantly reduced. That’s why you need soft-soled shoes.

Look for the right weather conditions

Walking on metal roofs can be very dangerous during the rainy season. Winter, during cold storms and earthquakes. Not all of these weather conditions are good times to walk on the metal surface. The metal will be very slippery, and in the event of a lightning strike, the probability of getting caught in the crossfire is high. Let the professional do the work, as they are used to doing this kind of work.

Yes, you can walk on metal shingles, but you have to consider all the dos and don’ts. Metal alone has absolute security that allows it to walk on the surface without damaging it or even causing accidents. However, on several occasions, safety measures must be implemented to ensure that the roof is safe to walk on.

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