Cedar Vs Vinyl Siding – Price, Quality, & Appearance

In this article, we’ll discuss cedar vs vinyl siding. We’ll be going over the price, quality, and appearance so you’ll be able to decide which one is best for your project.

Cost of Cedar Vs Vinyl Siding.

Vinyl siding is generally cheaper than cedar siding. According to Modernize, cedar cost between $6 to $12 for every square foot. That means for a one thousand square foot section you can expect to pay anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 dollars. Whereas according to Modernize Vinyl siding costs $3.50 to $7.00 per square foot. So for a thousand square foot section, you will pay anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000.

Prices will vary according to your location but you can see that vinyl is considerably cheaper. If you’re on a tight budget then vinyl would be a better choice. But since you get what you pay for we better move on to the quality.

Vinyl Vs Cedar Siding Quality

Cedar is a better quality siding than vinyl. Although vinyl is easier to maintain and keep clean it can still get brittle over time and your lawnmower can throw rocks thru it. The good side of the vinyl is how long it will last with proper care. If you do get holes it’s not hard to replace a piece of vinyl. However, it may be difficult to find a matching color due to siding fading over time. We don’t want to make it sound like cedar doesn’t have a downside. Although cedar will repel insects it will still attract birds and squirrels. Also, it may need to be painted and stained every so often depending on weather conditions in your area.

Does Vinyl or Cedar Siding Look Better?

Whether cedar or vinyl siding looks better is really a matter of opinion and depends on the style of house you’re building. Cedar gives a house a more rustic appearance and looks great on cabins. On the other hand, vinyl comes in a lot of different styles and you can even buy cedar-looking vinyl. Cedar may not go well with a modern style house.

Cedar Siding Benefits

Cedar is perfect for insulation purposes. It will help keep cold air from escaping in the summer and heat from leaving the house in the winter. Since cedar has natural antibacterial properties you can leave it unstained and untreated. However, it can still fade and change color over time. To avoid this you will need to stain or paint your siding and re-stain and re-paint it every so often.

According to Homeadvisor, it is also recommended to pressure wash your cedar siding. This will help you to get as many years from your siding as possible.

Vinyl Siding Benefits

Vinyl siding may be cheaper but still has various benefits. If installed properly it can stand up to winds of 110 miles an hour. Also installing vinyl siding is not very difficult and goes on fairly quickly. Because of this, you may be able to save money by installing it yourself. However, if you decide to install your own siding be sure you do it correctly. You won’t save money if a contractor has to come in and redo your vinyl.

Since the color of vinyl siding runs thru it you are not able to scratch or scrape it off. Also vinyl never needs to be painted.


So let’s sum up this article.

Cedar Siding

✅ Long-Lasting




✅No Cleaning

❌Easy Installation



Vinyl Siding



✅Easy Installation





❌No Cleaning

As you can see they both have advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, this article helped you decide which one is right for you.

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