Home Renovation 101: Period House Bedroom Ideas

Classical Mansion

Designing a period house bedroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are many design options that let you create a peaceful place for you to rest at the end of the day. Creating the perfect design for the bedroom requires a fine balance between modern luxury and classic architectural design.

You need to boldly display the classical architectural style of a period home. 

If the bedroom has classic features, you need to make them the centerpiece of the room. You can add a new design. But the last thing you should do is hide the elegant features of the period house. You should make them visible, instead of working around them. Let’s take a look at creative period house bedroom ideas.  

Create the Perfect Look with Classic Accessories

Accessories are key in make a period home look inviting and elegant. Furniture in the bedroom should have rich classical motifs.

Using soft floral, laurel wreaths, swans, and grapevines can create a sense of elegance in the classic period home. But you should keep the hangings to a minimum to ensure that it looks clean and sumptuous at the same time.

Damasks and large floral designs were popular in Victorian bedrooms. Also, consider an antique dressing table, chests, wardrobe, and mirrors. The bed can be wood, brass, or upholstered. You should pile the bed with pillows, bed linen, and bolsters.

If you want to be more adventurous, you should use upholstered headboards. These will create a feeling of a luxurious hotel room. You can also create a luggage rack if the period home is the vacation house that you visit occasionally to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Never buy a full bedroom set with a bed, dresser, side tables, and mirrors. The all-inclusive furniture will zap the personality from the bedroom.

Give your space a personal touch by buying separate pieces of furniture. You should buy a bed, side table, and dresser with a unique style and look. The best period house bedrooms look as if they have been assembled over time. There needs to be a balance between classic and modern furnishing of different finishes, materials, and shapes. 

Wall Design Ideas

Traditional interior walls use to be ornate and dark. You can also plain fabrics and historic wallpapers to dress up the walls. Moreover, you should select rich inky shades for the period bedroom. Examples of some rich shades you can select include plush plum, gold, reds, turquoise, forest green, and cool navy colors. They are perfect for feature walls as well as painting the entire room.

Use accent colors if you want to add more style to the bedroom. You can use bold colors such as black for the period home bedroom accents. You should select wallpaper and fabric in geometric and striped designs.

Ornate Cornicing and Mirrors

Period houses have beautiful ornate cornicing. These are the staple of a period house décor. Make sure that the cornicing gets the limelight to retain the classic look of the period house. You should draw the eyes up to the beautiful period house walls by placing picture rails. They are a strip of molding that is level with the top of the window in the bedroom. These were traditionally used to hang ornate pictures. You can use them to break up wall colors by adding another color above it.

The wall above the rails can be painted in the same shade or an accent color. Whatever color you use, the goal should be to take the eyes upwards towards the ornate ceilings. You can also create a continuous look straight up the ceiling by placing tall furniture that is of the same color as the walls.

Mirrors are also a must for a period bedroom. Most homes in the era had large mirrors to match the windows. The large mirrors will increase the sense of space. The natural light that reflects from the strategically placed mirrors will also create a dramatic effect in the bedroom.

Large Classical Windows

Windows are one of the centerpieces of period houses. They are one of the most prominent features of the house. The large windows reflect elegance and sophistication while also being highly practical, since they let a large amount of light inside the room.

High ceilings of the period house combined with tall windows and mirrors will help draw the eye. Large windows will make the bedroom more interesting. You should use wooden shutters to give a dramatic look to the period house bedroom. Pair the large windows with floor-length curtains to add a touch of elegance to the room. Complement the full-length curtains with fully cushioned upholstery. 

Large windows require careful maintenance to ensure that they remain functional. You can also replace traditional windows with a new one.  But avoid modern double glazed windows as they can ruin the aesthetics of the bedroom.

The windows for the period house bedroom should have a classical style with contemporary performance. French windows are ideal that allows light to enter similarly to how doors let people in. These windows have a classic architectural style of the yesteryear but updated with today’s performance including energy and security features.

Select Wood or Tile Floors

With period bedroom interior design, wooden floors with large rugs will create a timeless look. Give the perfect finishing touch with a Savonnerie rug that was in fashion during the 18th century. Placing the rug will create a warm experience and improve the overall ambiance of the room.

Period bedrooms can also have tiles instead of wooden floors. Boldly patterned tiles are best for the bedroom. You can also select tiles with modern geometric designs as they will look fabulous in the bedroom. The geometric tiles will create a perfect contrast with the classic features of the bedroom.

Focus on Lighting to Create the Mood

Soft lighting is best for a bedroom. It will create a pleasant experience in the bedroom. The soft lighting will create a relaxing and warm atmosphere. A central pendant is advisable instead of recessed sport lights.

Decorative touches around the edge of the room can extend to the lighting fixture.

Layer the lighting with bedside table lights o wall lightings. Reading lights are recommended if you love to read books in the bedroom. The lights should be dimmable to create a romantic ambiance to the bedroom. Chandeliers are also a must-have in the bedroom as they create an elegant appearance.  Wooden lamps will also complement the classic look of the period house.

For the light switches, you should go with beautiful brass switches as they look luxurious. A switch with a USB charger spot will give a whole look to the bedroom rather than appearing distracting. You should have the option to control all the lights from one place. You can also buy modern lights with sensors that turn on or off as you enter and exit the room. This will help reduce electricity bills that tend to be high due to all the lightings in period homes.

Get In Touch With an Interior Designer

You should contact a designer if you don’t feel that you have a creative touch to design your bedroom. An interior home designer will tell you exactly what you need to create the perfect look of the period bedroom. You may know what you want, but it won’t necessarily be the best option for a period house.

An experienced interior designer will present you with multiple period house bedroom ideas. You can work with the designer to create a bedroom plan that is a fusion of contemporary and classic architectural styles. The goal should be to make the room look elegant but functional at the same time. There is a fine line between a functional and classic bedroom. An experienced interior designer will be of great help in this regard. You should hear out the designer’s ideas to make the right decision.

Let the creative eyes and years of experience of the interior designer polish your bedroom and make sure that it appears the best it can. The design phase is certainly one of the most exciting components. But you should not let it ruin the most important part of a period home – your bedroom.

Getting the help of the expert will be worth it as it will result in a bedroom where you can relax and enjoy the pleasant ambiance at the same time. .


Period house bedrooms don’t have to be dull and boring. The ideas mentioned in this guide will let you create an ideal escapade where you can relax and marvel at the design of the bedroom. You can get inspiration from the period house bedroom ideas to design the perfect bedroom for you.

Avoid going overboard with too many classic furnishing. You need to balance the classic with contemporary furnishing and style. Don’t buy too many antiques for the period house. Your goals should be to achieve harmony between the subtle echoes of the past and modern comforts. This way your bedroom will have classic overtones that won’t make you feel as if you are living in a museum.

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