Home Renovations: 9 Décor Ideas for Your Period Living Room

Ideas for your period living room

Period homes are full of character with an effortless charm that is sure to leave you stunned. The lofty, high ceilings, well-built, airy rooms, and that historic beauty makes them a dream home right out of fairy tales. With a little bit of modernization, done in a way that preserves the actual feel of the space, you can easily restore or redecorate your period living room while retaining the original beauty that made you fall in love with it initially.

Here are 9 décor ideas for your period living room to enhance its magnificence.

1.    Pick a Style

Before you start the renovations, it is essential to do some brainstorming and pick out a style that best fits not just your character, but also that of the house. This will help make your living room look fresh and modern without losing its old-timey touch.

Period houses can usually wear any style and theme with grace. Some of the best styles for a period house include:

a)     Keeping it Light

If you’re going for a sleek and modern look, you might want to style the living room with fresh, neutral shades that brighten up the room without making too much noise.

This would give your living room a calming interior theme. Bring in smooth greys and perhaps a single ornament that pops with color to bring the look together. Keep the curtains opened to make the most of natural light and see how your new living room gleams.

You can even try out trendy pastels to achieve this look. Their smoothness goes well with the gentle curves of period furniture and the clash of soft colors against wooden flooring is absolutely stunning.

b)    Embracing the Darkness

If you’re like us and prefer darker tones, you’re in luck. These go amazingly well with the built of a period living room!

With expansive walls reaching the skies, your room will already have a dark, brooding feel. Bring in a navy or plum wall paint and pair it with rich, inky shades of wood furniture and other tidbits to take your living room back to the time of WWI.

If you aren’t ready to dive completely into the darkness, you can try out an accent wall of a rich burgundy or forest green shade and leave the rest in warm neutrals or cooler greys for balance. Bring in some deep-gold ornaments to complement your furniture.

c)     Bringing in the Botanic

A great way to liven up your living room (see what we did there?) is to incorporate floral themes and patterns. Adding these will brighten up the space and distract attention away from those looming, high walls.

You could even consider pairing your botanical theme with a darker color-base to create a sophisticated, feminine theme that pays homage to the ancient history of the house. Wallpapers with block-print floral designs on maroons and dark reds look stunning!

2.    Update the Windows

Your period living room is likely to have sash windows as one of their most prominent design features. Make the most of it by properly maintaining the windows to keep them in good condition or perhaps even upgrading to a style that sits well with the feel of the house.

Creating a cozy windowsill space with a fluffy throw and dark cushions could be a great idea for you to tuck into with a good book after a long day.

Dress them Well

The new or restored windows should be dressed appropriately to blend in with the theme of the room. Your large windows will draw in everyone’s eyes so make sure there is something interesting to look at. Wooden shutters are particularly popular among period home owners and when hand up floor-length curtains over them – it creates the perfect, dramatic texture for your living room.

Be sure to pull your curtains back every now and then to revel in the sunlight that comes through those large windows.

3.    Let Patterns Clash

One of the biggest joys of period houses is the clashing textures and patterns that you can play around with.

All of your furniture pieces and ornaments can be completely individual and you can use your period living room to bring in all the stuff you’ve collected over the years but could never figure out where to use. These big, old houses have this charming ability to make everything look at home, even the strangest looking tidbits.

A good general rule is to let 50% of your room follow a particular theme and go crazy with the rest to add some spunk and personality to your living space.

4.    Go Thrifting for Furniture and Storage

If you love visiting thrift stores and marketplaces for antique pieces, you are going to love decorating your new living room!

Big, wooden furniture is a great way to fill up the expansive living room area your period home comes with. Get those dark hardwood pieces without spending hundreds of bucks by thrift shopping and simply DIY their restoration for a polished and smooth look.

You can even repurpose the antique furniture to add in some storage space. if that vintage chest of drawers doesn’t fit into any of your bedrooms, move it into your period living room, place a few floral pieces on top paired with a nice, decorative cloth and you have the ultimate storage space or maybe even a funky sideboard!

5.    Bring a French Twist

If primp and dainty is more your style, you can bring in some French accents to enhance your living room. One of the best ways to do this is by getting sumptuous couches. But remember, you will need to fix up the rest of the room accordingly or the seating will look out of place. Perhaps consider installing some large, gilded mirrors and plush carpeting for a completed look.

6.    Restore the Original Floors

Your period house probably comes with rustic, hardwood floors. Instead of covering them up with carpets, restore and polish the wood for a trendy, boho vibe that is modern yet complements the original look of the period house.

Pick out a few fluffy, light colored rugs to contrast with the dark flooring.

7.    Install Large Art Pieces

Your magnificent walls will thank you for this!

Large-scale art pieces will hand beautifully against your textured walls and further accentuate them. If you like to experiment with patterns, try out more modern, geometric designs for your wall art.

8.    Lots of Mirrors

Mirrors are a must-have accessory for any antique space, especially a period living room. They will add charm to the room, and reflect light during the daytime to create an absolutely stunning look.

Go for thick mirror frames in browns and golds!

9.    Let the Period Features Shine

Period décor is generally warm and informal, let these features take the center stage when redecorating your home.

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, keep it roaring for that traditional look. if you don’t, consider getting an imitation or electric fireplace that looks convincing enough to be taken as the real thing.

Buying classic, hefty sofas are a great idea too. The Chesterfield design will sit beautifully in your period living room. If that isn’t your style, perhaps an English sofa with floral patterns or tweed would work.

Instead of getting a complete sofa set, get individual sofas and armchairs for an eclectic feel.

10. In Conclusion

Soft finishing, stark contrasts, and bold pieces are a great way to decorate your period living room. By thrift shopping for most of the antique pieces and DIY-ing the renovations, you can easily save up on the total cost and redecorate your period living room on a budget.

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