How Long Will Pressure Treated Wood Last In Concrete?

As much as the interior of the house is well-treated and designed, people also treat the exterior too. After all, the exterior of the house is the first thing that a person sees and it helps in creating an impression. The two most commonly used materials that are used in exterior applications are – concrete and pressure-treated wood. Unlike normal woods, the pressure-treated woods can last for a longer time as they are processed in such a way. The most important question that comes to people’s minds is – how long will the pressure-treated wood last in the concrete? To know about it, read on.

How Long Will Pressure Treated Wood Last In Concrete?

An optimal condition is where the water can drain away from the soil. But when it comes to a concrete base, the water doesn’t drain away as fast as it should. Often the water gets trapped inside it. Normally, a pressure-treated wood that is set directly into the soil can last for about 40 years in an optimal condition. But in case of wet conditions where the water remains trapped inside the concrete, the chances are quite high that the pressure-treated wood will start to rot. This is because the pressure-treated woods get exposed to moisture or wet conditions. The pressure-treated wood, when placed vertically in the concrete base, can last for 5 to 10 years depending on different factors.

Will the pressure-treated wood rot?

The pressure treated woods are treated with a solution of arsenic, chromium, and copper. Hence, many people think that they don’t rot at all. That is not true. The pressure treatment on the wood is a process that doesn’t prevent the rotting process but slows it down. So, the wood may rot in time but it will not be as fast as it should with the untreated woods. Even the pressure-treated woods can absorb the water or moisture that will make the wood go weak and swollen too.

The moisture that wicks through the pressure-treated wood will create a cavity into the woods cause the moisture to get trapped inside the wood and accelerate the rotting effect. The only thing that you can is to ensure that water is not trapped inside the concrete where you have installed the pressure-treated woods. This will ensure that the pressure-treated woods can last for more than 30 years. Otherwise, you may need to replace the pressure-treated woods in 10 years.


Places that are dry can ensure that the pressure-treated woods can last for a very long time in the concrete. But the wet condition can decrease the longevity of the pressure-treated woods. Even if it rains, you have to ensure that the drainage system is well-planned and the water drains out properly from the concrete base. When the water remains trapped, it can get into the pressure-treated woods and make them rot. As mentioned above, these pressure-treated woods can last from 10 to 40 years in the concrete depending on moisture and drainage conditions.

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