How Much Does It Cost To Redo A Fireplace?

cost to redo a fireplace

Fireplaces are an affordable and cost-effective way to heat your home during the winter season.

They also enhance the ambiance of your living room with their distinctive charm and cozy, warm appeal.

Fireplaces can easily last a lifetime if they are properly maintained.

Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your fireplace remains free from issues like chimney blockage, water accumulation, etc.

Fireplace renovations can also play a major role in uplifting the overall appearance of your home.

Many homeowners opt for fireplace remodeling to enhance the look of their living room and keep it updated with the latest trends.

However, these renovations come at a cost.

The actual cost to redo a fireplace depends on a number of factors including the type of material you choose for renovation, and the labor cost.

If you are concerned about the cost to undertake a fireplace remodeling project, you have come to the right place!

Continue reading below to get a complete guide on the cost to redo a fireplace.

Average Cost to Redo A Fireplace

Fireplace renovations can involve a number of different tasks ranging from repairing the mortar between bricks and altering the fireplace façade to reconstructing the entire chimney.

Therefore, your actual cost to redo a fireplace will depend on which of these tasks you undertake.

Homeowners typically pay anywhere between $390 to $2,100 to redo their fireplaces.

This vast range reflects the extent and type of remodeling that has to be done.

For instance, the cost of a minor fireplace remodeling project involving some repairs and refacing is approximately $500.

However, the cost for a major project involving a wooden stove installation or chimney replacement can be $1,500 or more.

Cost of Repairing Mortar

Mortar is very durable and can easily last for 25 to 30 years.

However, seasonal and temperature changes can cause the mortar between the bricks to frequently expand and contract, leading to cracks.

Moreover, water seepage can also damage the existing mortar.

If the damages in the mortar are detected quickly, you can hire a professional to repair it for as low as $54.

You can even choose to fix the mortar yourself if you want to save some money.

The average cost for this DIY project ranges from $15 to $45.

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Cost of Refacing A Fireplace

The average cost to redo the fireplace façade comes to be approximately $1,100.

Remember, the actual cost of refacing your fireplace will depend on its size and the materials you pick.

Here is a list of the different types of material you can choose for your fireplace and their associated costs.

Concrete or Stucco

Concrete or stucco is one of the cheapest materials available for refacing a fireplace.

The advantage of using concrete is that it doesn’t require a lot of time or cost investment.

However, it doesn’t look as good as other materials like tile.

Building a stucco fireplace is also a low-cost job.

A major benefit of using stucco is that it can be customized into different shapes and colors.

You can apply concrete or stucco mix directly to the surface of a fireplace with your hand and then smoothen it out with a trowel.

Both concrete and stucco are available in dry powdered form that can be combined with water to make a paste.

The cost of one bag of stucco or concrete mix is around $9.

This is enough to cover 25 square feet of a fireplace when applied in an inch thick layer.


A wood fireplace can add a natural, warm appeal to your room.

There are several different types of woods that you can choose to reface your fireplace.

Some of these are cheap whereas others are more costly.

For instance, a 1-inch thick board of pine wood costs less than $1 per foot.

However, a 1-inch thick board of walnut, mahogany, or any other exotic wood can cost over $12 per foot.

You can leave the wood unfinished for a rustic appeal or stain/paint it to get a crisp modern look.

Note: The International Building Code does not allow homeowners to install any combustible material such as wood within 6 inches of the side of a fireplace.

Some local fire codes are even more strict.

So, make sure to check the rules with your local building authority before getting a wood-faced fireplace.

Masonry Veneer

Masonry veneers are also known as thin stone or think brick.

They are manufactured to mimic the appearance of real stone and bricks.

Homeowners prefer veneers because of their vast variety.

Here are some costs of the different types of veneer sheets available.

Brick Veneer Face: This costs approximately $96 per square foot.

Cobblestone Veneer Face: This is one of the cheapest veneer faces at only $34 per square foot.

Limestone Veneer Face: The cost of a limestone veneer face is approximately $50 per square foot.

Marble Veneer Face: Marble veneer can give your fireplace a very chic and contemporary look. The approximate cost of an inch marble veneer sheet is $90 per square foot.


Tile is one of the most traditional materials available to reface a fireplace.

The reason behind its popularity is its huge variety of designs and colors.

The cost of tiles can range from less than $1 per square foot to more than $15 per square foot.

Some more expensive types of tiles such as mosaic cost between $30 and $50 per square foot.

You can even install tiles yourself to bring down your total cost to redo a fireplace.

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Stones used on shower walls and kitchen backsplashes can easily be used as fireplace refacing materials.

There are a number of different stones available to reface fireplaces including soapstone, quartz, granite, and slate.

Stone is generally more costly than other fireplace-replacing materials.

For instance, the per square foot cost of quartz and granite is $50.

On the other hand, slate and soapstone cost approximately $70 per square foot.

The cost can even be more than $100 per square foot for more exquisite hues and patterns.

If you to minimize your cost to redo a fireplace, we suggest you go with either low-cost porcelain or ceramic tiles, or stucco.

However, if the price is not a major concern for you, then you should opt for stone slabs such as quartz or granite.

Even standard wood paneling is a very trendy option these days.

Fireplace Mantle Costs

Adding a fireplace mantle is a great way to refresh the appearance of your fireplace.

The average cost to install an unfinished hardwood mantle and surround comes to be approximately $1,498. This cost includes material and labor costs.

However, you can cut down on this cost by undertaking a DIY project to install a fireplace mantle.

The DIY cost to install a mantle is approximately $750, which translates into a saving of almost 50%.

All you will need for this DIY project are some basic carpentry tools and components.

Cost of Repairing Fireplace

If you want your fireplace to work in optimum conditions, you should take up some fireplace repairs.

We recommend that you make these repairs before refacing your fireplace.

Generally, the cost to repair a fireplace lies between $162 and $816.

Here is a list of common fireplace repairs and their associated costs.

Cost to Repair Firebox

Repairing a firebox can cost anywhere between $160 and $750.

However, if you have a stone firebox that needs repair, your cost can even range from $1,500 to $2,500.

Cost to Repair Brick Chimney

The average cost to repair a brick chimney lies between $150 and $1,000.

The cost of removing and replacing cracked bricks is approximately $20 – $30 per brick.

Moreover, the average cost to repair a crown ranges from $600 to $1,000.

Labor Costs

Most homeowners prefer to hire contractors for their fireplace remodeling job.

You can do some tasks such as installing a fireplace mantle or painting a fireplace yourself too.

However, we do recommend you get a professional on board for a complex repair job.

Most fireplace contractors charge $125 per hour for fireplace repair jobs.

Cost of Installing Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms are extremely essential for safety purposes.

Many states including California require homeowners to install one in their homes.

Carbon monoxide alarms from Home Depot can increase your total cost to redo a fireplace by approximately $50.

Permit Costs

If your fireplace needs extensive repair work, you will need a city inspector to sign your project and give you a permit.

This can cost you anywhere between $500 and $900, depending on the area and city you live in.

Parting Words

We hope this article gave you a good insight regarding the cost to redo a fireplace.

Remember that redoing a fireplace doesn’t only involve changes in the appearance of the fireplace but also essential repair tasks.

If you want to keep your cost to redo a fireplace as low as possible, make sure to maintain it regularly.

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