How Much Does It Cost to Redo Gutters?

Steel Gutter system

Poor gutters may not sound like a big issue at first. However, a malfunctioning gutter system can damage your roof/foundations, flood your yard, or blast away from its fittings. None of these are cheap problems to fix, should they occur.

If you notice any signs of poor gutter function, then you need to fix them immediately to prevent further damages. Planning for a gutter repair/replacement job can be confusing for owners who haven’t done it before. We’ve compiled this article to help you get the most value possible from the money you spend on gutter renovations.

Keep reading to find out the total cost to redo gutters in your home.

Average Cost to Redo a Gutters

The cost to redo gutters for an average American homeowner adds up to around $1,050. The average range for gutter renovation costs lies between $550 and $1,600 for 200 linear feet.

Homeowners need to stay vigilant and stay ahead of any maintenance or repairs. Well maintained gutters will last for up to 20 years without the need for any replacements. However, you may often notice deteriorating gutters when moving into a new house.

The minimum cost for a gutter system repair job is around $450, which will only involve minimal maintenance and repairs. Prices can actually reach as high as $10,000 in cases where a big and high-end gutter system has undergone extensive damage and requires full repair and replacement.

Factors That Determine the Cost to Redo Gutters

Gutter renovation costs can differ widely for each individual project. As a responsible homeowner, you need to know what factors can affect the price of remodeling your old gutter system.  

  • House height: the cost of redoing your gutters will be higher for two-story homes as compared to single-story ones. The cost to redo gutters is directly proportional to your house’s height.
  • Gutter length: the longer your gutters are, the more material you will need to repair or replace them.
  • Gutter type: the material used and your gutter’s shape will influence your project’s prices.
  • The extent of the damage: a full replacement for an unusable gutter system will be much costlier than repairing a single part.

Gutter Renovation Costs and Repairs

It’s essential to address any repairs that you notice straight away to avoid replacing the whole system. Plus, faulty gutters can cause extensive damage to your property’s foundations due to leaking water.

One of the most common problems faced by homeowners is clogging in the gutter or downspout due to debris and garbage accumulation. You can get your gutters unclogged for around $100 to $600, depending on the severity of the clog and accessibility of your gutters.

Another common issue is leaking gutters or downspouts, which can be fixed for around $500 to $600. The cost will be affected by the cause of the leakage.

Strong winds or rough debris like rocks can cause dents in your gutters that should be fixed before they become a bigger problem. Dents will cost anywhere between $550 and $650 to fix, depending on the severity of the damage.

Years of wear and tear can cause sagging in your downspouts and gutters. Sagging gutters are a danger to your home as they can fall apart at any time. It’s vital to repair any sagging gutters you notice as soon as possible. Expect to spend between $600 to $700 on repairs.

For one reason or another, you may notice water not draining from your gutters. This can be a cause for concern as overflowing gutters can cause erosion and damage to your home’s foundations and can even burst. To fix this problem, you will have to pay around $650 to $750, depending on the extent of your gutters’ water backup.

Now we’re moving onto more concerning signs of damage that can be very dangerous if not solved. If you notice any holes or cracks in your gutter systems, contact your handyman immediately. More wear and tear can cause the cracks or holes to widen; eventually leading to a complete malfunction of your gutters. This job will cost around $700 to $800 to complete.

Lastly, you may have a rotting gutter that you might be able to repair. This is the last repair you can make to save your old gutter systems before replacing it altogether. You may be able to fix a rotting gutter for a cost of around $1,000 to $1,200. However, this is not always the case, and some gutters might be beyond repair.

Gutter Renovation Costs Related to Excavation for Replacement

If you can’t repair any of the problems in your current gutter system, you will have to install a new one. You should, principally, install new gutters at least every 20 years anyways. Your cost to redo gutters goes up quite a bit when it involves replacing the whole system.

The first cost you will incur is removing the old gutters and downspouts to get the area ready to install your new fittings. To remove and dispose of an existing drain, an expert will charge you around $100 to $200 on average.

If you’re a bit of a DIY wiz, you can try to do this yourself. You will still have to pay disposal costs of around $40 to $80, depending on where you live. Keep in mind that a professional installer will charge you for extra work to correct your mistakes if something goes wrong.

Gutter Renovation Costs When It Comes to Installing New Gutters

On average, you will have to spend around $1,050 to $2,500 to professionally install new home gutters measuring 130 to 200 feet. The price will be affected by the materials you use and the labor costs of installation. A gutting professional will charge around $75 per hour and install approximately 50 linear feet every 7 hours.

The prices of new gutters rely heavily on a lot of different factors. Let’s explore them below.

Type of Material

The type of material your gutter is made of can make a huge impact on the total cost to redo gutters. Explore each material’s pros and cons to see which one is the best fit for you.


Vinyl is the least expensive material you can use in your new gutters. It’s easy to install, has a variety of designs, and freedom for customizability.

Use vinyl in areas with moderate climates. It’s prone to cracking and breaking in cold temperatures, whereas it can soften in hot climates.

Costs range from $3 to $6 per linear foot.


Aluminum is a popular gutter material choice among homeowners thanks to its affordability, low weight, performance, and durability. You can find different styles and sizes in the market at different costs, ranging from $6 to $14 per linear foot.

Galvanized Steel

Steel is stronger and a lot more durable than aluminum. It also lasts much longer in harsh weather conditions. However, it is more expensive than aluminum and harder to install due to its weight. 

Steel gutters will cost you $8 to $12 per linear foot.


Copper gutters are perfect for individuals who love to enhance the aesthetics of their home. Copper’s unique features and colors make it a beautiful option to enhance your house’s exterior while also being practical.

With great beauty comes great cost. Copper gutters will cost anywhere from $15 to $30 per linear foot to install.

Seamless vs. Seamed Gutters

Another choice you have to make is choosing between installing seamed or seamless gutters. This choice can also have a significant impact on the total cost to redo gutters.

Seamed gutters are also known as sectional gutters. They consist of multiple separate gutter pieces that are tethered together to fit your design. They are available in 5, 10, or 15-foot options. Their main advantage is their price and ease of installation (DIY-friendly).

However, they carry a higher risk of leakages and don’t last as long as seamless options. They are priced at $3 to $20 per linear foot.

Seamless gutters are made up of a single continuous piece that sits perfectly on your roof without any gaps. They last long and rarely ever leak. Your cost to install seamless gutters will be higher as professionals will be needed due to the complexity of the job. Expect to pay around $5 to $35 per linear foot.


Predicting the cost to redo gutters is difficult, as each case is unique and has its own issues. However, we hope this guide has made you a more knowledgeable homeowner who can make the right decisions for the upkeep of their gutters. Keep all the factors we’ve mentioned in mind when creating a budget for this project.

Final Reminder: Never delay any repairs, or you will risk causing damage to the foundation of your property.

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