How Much Does It Cost to Redo the Exterior of a House?

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Ask any real estate agent and you will understand the relation of the home’s curb appeal to its value. Exterior home renovation should not be considered as an expense but as an investment instead. The cost of home remodeling can be recovered when you sell the house.

In this guide, you will learn about all the costs associated with redoing the exterior of the house. After reading this guide you will have a rough idea about the cost of exterior home remodeling so that you can budget for the expenses accordingly.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Exterior Home Remodeling

The cost of exterior home renovation depend on several factors, which we will now look over. Here are three main factors that determine the cost of a home exterior remodeling project.

1. Building Size

The cost of exterior remodeling will obviously be higher for larger homes. The greater surface area will require more materials and labor to complete a job.

You should determine how much it cost per square meter to redo the exterior of a house. For instance, if your house is about 1500 square meters, and the cost of a project is $30 per square meter. The total cost will be $45,000.

2. Labor Rate

Different projects require a different amount of labor. Some projects are labor-intensive. The cost of these projects will be higher compared to projects that require less labor. A prime example is cladding, which requires a lot of time to install.

Make sure that you compare the labor rate of different companies. But you shouldn’t hire a company that quotes the cheapest rate for labor. Your main criteria when selecting a contractor for a home renovation company should be the experience and skills of the professionals. Paying extra for a professional will be worth it in the long run.

DIY home remodeling can save labor costs. However, not everyone has the luxury of spare time to dedicate for an exterior home renovation project. Moreover, an experienced professional can do the job in less time and using less material.

When hiring a contractor for a remodeling project, you should make sure that the company mentions the time required to complete the project. There is little sense opting for a cheaper rate if it takes twice as long to complete the project.

Moreover, you should also ask if the rate includes the cost of materials. Being upfront about the costs will prevent frustrations later on.

3. Material Cost

The type of material used in the exterior home remodeling also affects the cost. Metal is generally more costly compared to tile, stone, and brick. Moreover, there are different grades of material. For instance, steel is more costly compared to copper.

You should consider the durability of the material when deciding on the material. A durable material will cost more but it will offer more value for money due to its long life. Moreover, the aesthetic appeal should also be a consideration when selecting a material.

Average Cost of Different Home Renovation Projects

Now that you know about the different elements that affect a home renovation project, let us now look at the average cost of different exterior home projects.

Average Cost of Exterior Home Painting

According to Home Advisor, the average cost of a home repainting project in the US is about $2900 with a range of $1,736 and $4,095. The average cost of painting a 2500 square feet house is between $1,250 and $8,750.

Depending on the location, you can expect to pay between $0.5 and $3.5 per square meter. Painting of wood and vinyl is about $1 square meter less than the cost of painting brick and stucco.

The quality of paint and the experience of the painter affects the cost of a project. Oil-based paint is generally more expensive compared to latex paint. Moreover, the extent of labor required to repaint the house will also determine the cost of exterior house painting. A paint job will be more expensive if you have a lot of windows.

Average Cost of Entry and Garage Door Replacement

Installing a new garage or entry door will improve the curb appeal of the home. Even if you are not going to sell the house, you will appreciate a modern door when returning home. New exterior doors make a positive impression on neighbors, guests, and potential buyers.

New doors are also more durable and energy efficient. They reduce the transfer of heat out of the house. So, installing new doors will help in reducing energy bills. Moreover, the latest doors are more secure as compared to old doors preventing thieves from breaking into the house.

The cost of replacing an exterior steel door is between $1,500 and $2,000. Fiberglass exterior doors are pricier costing between $3,000 and $4,000.

A garage door cost in the range of $1,500 to $2,000. Upscale garage door cost between $2,800 and $4,000.

Average Cost of Roof Replacement

The roof regularly gets battered by the weather elements. Direct sunlight and rain damage the roof over time resulting in splits and cracks. Generally, it is more costly to replace a roof during the busier months of summer and spring.

Winter and fall replacement costs are less. But it is not recommended since the water and moisture will prevent proper installation of the roof.

Roof cost varies depending on the size of the home, roof material and pitch. You can expect to pay about $8,000 to $40,000 for roof replacement. The average cost of the roof replacement lies between $13,000 and $20,000. The good thing is that roof replacement is a good investment which will pay for itself when you sell the house. Replacing the roof will also help in maintaining the structural integrity of the house. 

Average Cost of Window Replacement

Window replacement cost will depend on the number of windows in the home. Moreover, the material of the window will also affect the cost of window replacement. Generally, vinyl windows are less costly compared to aluminum windows. Wood composite and fiberglass windows are expensive, but they look more elegant, particularly in period homes.

Double glazed windows are also more costly, but they are more energy efficient. This means that you can recover the cost due to lower energy bills. Double glazed windows are also effective in reducing outside noise.

Upgrading the windows will affect both the exterior and interior of the house. Old windows have a range of problems including broken seals that increase heat transfer. Replacing old windows will help improve the energy efficiency of the house. You can expect to pay about $5,000 for replacing windows in average sized home and $20,000 for a large sized home.

Average Cost of Replacing Home Siding

Siding is another component of a house exterior that can boost property value and improve the look of the house. Replacing a poor siding with a new one will significantly improve the aesthetic value of the house.

Installing a new siding will also prevent moisture buildup, which contributes to mold and mildew formation. It also prevents the infestation of insects that are attracted by damp wood. Additionally, replacing the siding will improve the energy efficiency of the home resulting in reduced bills.

Brick and stone veneer sidings are the most expensive while vinyl sidings are the cheapest. Here is an overview of the cost of different siding materials.

  • Brick and veneer siding: $0.9 to $1.35 per square meter
  • Wood siding: $0.7 to $1.35 per square meter
  • Fiber cement siding: $0.7 to $1.16 per square meter
  • Steel siding: $0.7 to 1.08 per square meter
  • Aluminum siding: $0.6 to $1.07 per square meter
  • Vinyl siding: $0.5 to $1 per square meter

Average Cost of Exterior Home Decorations

Exterior home decorations will significantly improve the curb appeal of the house. You have several options when it comes to redecorating the house exterior.

When redecorating the exterior of the house, you should first determine how you want to use the back or the front yard. If you want to look at birds chirping in the front yard or fish swimming gracefully, you can install a bird fountain or a pond.

Want to enjoy a cozy dinner with family members or friends? You can invest in a picnic bench and string lights.  If you want to enjoy coffee with close ones in the backyard, you should buy a cushion and throw pillow. 

Most homeowners generally spend $500 on porch furniture, $400 on lighting, and $600 to $5,000 on miscellaneous decorations items such as a fountain, pond, and other decorations. Exterior decorations extend the living space outdoors and give a refreshing break from the confines of the walls.  


House renovation costs differ depending on the scope of the project and the size of the house. The cost to redo the exterior of a house generally starts at $500 and goes up to $90,000 or more in case of costly renovations such as roof replacement.

The costs mentioned in this guide are not exact, but will give you a rough idea about how much you can expect to pay for an exterior house renovation.

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