How Much Does It Cost To Redo Windows On A House?

How Much Does It Cost To Redo Windows On a House

Windows are an essential feature of any house. They allow the soft warm rays of the sun to enter and keep the house well-ventilated. Windows also allow people to enjoy the views of the outside environment and neighborhood. Plus, windows also help to enhance the visual appeal of the house. We cannot even come close to imagining a house that doesn’t have windows.

Many homeowners renovate their homes before selling it to increase its market value. A great way to increase the value of your home is to install new windows. In fact, replacing windows is one of the top 10 home improvement projects that homeowners can undertake to increase their house’s resale value. However, replacing windows is an expensive job and can cost a lot of money.

An excellent alternative to this costly home improvement job is simply restoring old windows. Even though the cost to redo windows is much less than installing new ones, it brings almost the same return. Here is a complete guide on the cost to redo windows in a house.

Average Cost to Redo Windows in A House

The average cost to redo windows in a house ranges from $159 to $532. Homeowners typically spend $345 for window repairs. This includes the cost of repairing the seal, tracks, sash, and window opening mechanisms. It does not incorporate the cost of replacing the glass and repairing frames.

Some factors that influence your total cost to redo windows include:

  • the type of window in your home
  • the type and extensiveness of the damage,
  • the parts that need to be repaired
  • the number of windows in your house
  • the amount of labor required
  • the cost of materials and labor.

Labor Costs

Repairing windows is a tough job because they are a part of your wall’s structure. Therefore, we strongly advise you to seek professional help for all tasks other than casing removal.

The per-hour labor cost to repair a damaged or broken window ranges from $50 to $80. Some factors that cause the labor cost to rise include sourcing specialized hardware, making custom-sized panes. Your labor cost will also rise if your windows and inaccessible and require ladders or roof access.

Some window styles such as bay windows and elliptical or arches panes are quite difficult to repair. Therefore, the cost to redo windows like these is much higher than redoing the standard transom window.

Your labor costs will be high if you want to replace the glass in your windows. The average labor cost for repairing window glass is $121. Here is a list of tasks included in repairing the window and their associated labor costs. Note that all costs given are for a single pane.

Replacing or Removing Glazing: $15

Measuring and Cutting Glass: $10

Removing or Replacing Glass in Putty: $24

Removing Glass in Vinyl Stops: $35

Reinstalling Glass to Vinyl Stops: $35

Vinyl Glazing: $2.

Cost to Redo Different Types of Windows

As discussed above, the cost to redo windows largely depends on the type of window. Here is a cost breakdown to restoring the different types of windows.

Single Pane Windows

The average cost to redo single pane glass windows lies between $75 to $80. However, if there’s a need for extensive repairs, this cost can even go up to $200.

Replacing glass in a single pane window costs between $3 and $4 per square foot. The total cost to replace glass in a 4×4 feet window comes to be approximately between $12 to $18.

Single pane windows that are large in size are often quite expensive to redo. This is because of their increased size, thickness, and labor costs.

Double Pane Windows

The average cost to redo windows with double panes lies between $200 and $400. Generally, glass windows with double panes cost an additional $100 to repair than a similar-sized single-pane window. This is majorly due to the extra labor costs incurred to restore double-pane windows. Moreover, repairing double-pane glass windows requires a lot of specialized tools to repair and seal the damage.

The average cost to replace glass in a double-pane window ranges from $170 to $180. Labor cost to redo double-pane windows is also higher with an average of $80 – $100 per hour.

Other Windows

Other types of windows such as bay windows and bow windows are much complex and costlier to repair.

For instance, the cost to repair bay windows with three panes ranges from $600 to $1,100. On the other hand, the cost to repair bow windows with 5 or more panes costs from $1,250 to $3,250.

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Average Cost of Different Window Glass Types

Your total cost to redo windows will be heavily influenced by the type of glass you opt for.

Tempered or Impact-Resistant Glass

Impact-resistant or tempered glass is one of the strongest and hardest types of glass. This type of glass typically costs between $12 and $14 per square foot. A big advantage of this glass is that it is less likely to injure or cut anyone in case it breaks. However, cutting this glass is a very difficult task as it cannot be cut without shattering. Moreover, tempered or impact-resistant glass seems to be quite costly when compared to annealed glass.

Insulated or Laminated Glass

The insulated or laminated glass has airtight sealing which makes them really hard to break into. The per square foot cost of this glass varies from $10 to $20.

One major benefit of insulated glass is that they are very effective thermal barriers. They don’t allow heat to escape from the room during winters and prevent heat from entering into a room during summers. Because of this feature, insulated windows prove to be very cost-effective and can cut down on your energy bills. Insulated windows also help with noise cancellation. However, a major disadvantage of insulated glass is that it is quite difficult to install them.

Thermal or Thermopane Glass

Thermal or thermopane glass can make your windows very energy-efficient, thereby reducing cooling and heating costs. This type of glass costs between $10 and $14 per square foot. A big disadvantage of thermal or thermopane glass is that they can cause moisture to build up between the glass panes. This results in a need to frequently replace the panes.

Cost to Repair a Window Sash Cord

Repairing a window sash cord is a complex task and we only recommend you do it yourself if you are an advanced DIYer. The cost of repairing the window sash yourself comes to be approximately $35. Homeowners generally buy repair tools and materials worth $10 and $60. if you opt for a professional to do the job, you will have to pay approximately $75 on average. This includes the labor and material cost.

Cost to Repair a Leaking Window

The cost to redo windows that leaks is approximately $100. The average seal repair costs are $145. Caulking a window is a great way to repair leaks in a window. The average cost of re-caulking a window is $50.

Cost to Repair a Window Frame

The cost to repair a window frame ranges between $180 and $600 with an average of $390. However, the actual cost to repair a window frame depends significantly on the type and extensiveness of the damage. Some common types of damages include chipped frame, warped frames (this is very common in wooden frames), stuck window casing, etc.

Minor damages to window frames can be repaired for as low as $50. However, more complex and extensive damage can even cost $1,000 or higher to repair.

Cost of Repairing Broken Glass

Repairing a broken glass on a window can cost nearly $350. However, the typical price range lies between $200 and $500. If the task is more complex, it can even cost you $2000. Again, the actual cost will be determined the size and type of window.

If the broken glass is not repairable, you will have to replace the entire windowpane.

Cost of Repairing Rotten Window

If your window frame has rotten, you will have to pay anywhere between $600 and $900 to repair the damage.

Cost of Replacing Window Locks

Modern window hardware can enhance the appearance of your windows. Moreover, window locks can get damaged over time and might need to be replaced.

Here are the labor costs associated with replacing window locks and installing new ones.

  • The cost to install the first lock ranges from $75 to $200 with an average of $75.
  • The cost to install each additional lock ranges from $35 to $100, with an average of $44.

Note that this does not include the cost of the lock itself.

Parting Words

The cost to redo windows is not a lot. Investing in renovating windows can definitely enhance the visual appearance of your house and boost its resale value. If you want to cut down your cost to repair windows, you can make undertake some DIY window repair jobs to repair minor damages. But just make sure that you have the right tools and equipment needed to execute the job.

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