Nail Gauge VS. Penny Size| Nail Gauge Sizes Chart

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We all know that there are so many sizes of nails available in the market that we can choose according to our needs.

We might have heard about 8D and 10D nail, and wondered what it is.

D is actually a suffix that is used to measure the size of the nail.

Different sizes of nails include categories like penny size, shank length, diameter, and gauge.

We are here to tell you the differences between the nail gauge and the penny size because both are two different categories, and you need to know about them both.

The information that we are going to share will help you in choosing the nail size accurately according to your need.

Without any further delay, let’s have a look at nail gauge vs penny size!

What is a penny-size nail?

First of all, let’s have a look at what a penny-size nail is?

This classification of nails is derived from England, where the penny system is used.

There is a symbol “D,” which is used for the penny, and the same sign is also used for nail sizes like 2D, 3D, and the number goes on.

This “D” symbol measures the length of the nail from the head to the tip.

This length is described in the format of a number and adding a “D” symbol after it; this format is called penny size.

What is a nail gauge?

Now, it turns to talk about nail gauge, which is different from penny size.

Keep in mind that the nail gauge measures the thickness of the nail or the diameter, unlike penny size, which measures the length of the nail.

The bigger the nail gauge number is, the thinner is the nail.

Let’s make a supposition that we have two nails. One is 14 gauge, and the other is 15 gauge.

The nail with 14 gauge numbers will be thicker than the nail with 15 gauge numbers.

So, if you want a thicker nail, you have to opt for a smaller number.

Another thing that you should know is that it also measures the size of the nail.

But the difference is that the thinner nail is longer than, the thicker nails.

And the nails of 6 inches or longer are called spikes.

Size chart for nail gauge vs. penny size:

The following table will help you know how nail gauges are different from penny sizes.

The points will be more precise after having a look at this table.

It describes the measures of the nail in penny size, which is equivalent to that in the nail gauge. Have a look!

Penny size Nail gauge
2D 15
2D 14
3D 14
4D 12
5D 12
6D 11
8D 10
10D 9
12D 9
16D 8
20D 6
30D 5
40D 4
60D 4

Last words:

That’s all about the differences between penny size and nail gauge.

I hope you get all the necessary information that you were looking for.

This information will help you to the fullest when you want to buy nails.

Keep this information in mind and get the right nails for you.

Get yourself the right fasteners by knowing the exact size and thickness.

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