Standard Door Frame Size – What You Need To Know.

Normal Door Frame Size

You need to consider many factors while buying a door. What style and kind of door do you want to purchase? Do you want just a pre-hung door or a slab? Once your mind gets clear about this basic information, you will have to start measuring. Measuring a door frame might be difficult if you are unaware of what you are doing.

Here are some good measurement practices and real facts that surround standard door frame sizes.

The standard size of Exterior Doors

The standard size of an exterior door is 80/36 inches that are 6feet, 8 inches by 3 feet. Eight feet or 96 inches is becoming quite common for those homes which are new and stocked doors that are often available in 30 to 32 inch in widths. Few manufacturers of doors sell the steel doors and 7 feet and 8 feet height doors and the doors having 24 to 42 inches widths. The heights of steel doors and fibreglass doors have been fixed at 6 feet, 8 feet tall. And the standard thickness of the door is one ¾ inch.

The standard size of Sliding Glass Doors

This type of sliding glass doors allows a lot of light to come naturally into your house. These are the least expensive and the most common type of glass doors. The slides in parallel motion and makes it easier for you to get in and out of your house. One of the best areas to install the glass sliding doors could be a deck or at a patio area. The standard size of sliding glass doors is 6′ width x 6’8″ tall. Other famous sizes are 6’0” X 8’0”, 8’0” X 8’0”, and 5’0” X 8’0”. Do remember that these doors come in a wide range of sizes depends upon the manufacturer of doors.

The standard size of Interior Doors

The height of all the interior doors should be of 80 inches minimum, and their standard width sizes for them must be 28”, 32” and 36”. The minimum width of the door for persons having disabilities must be 36 inches. The standard thickness of interior doors should be 1 3/8 if your door is over 36” or 90” in height; then it is preferable that your thickness will be 1 ¾ inch.

Closet and Utility Doors

The closet and Utility doors generally have standard doors. The houses that have built before the 1990s their doors might be narrow as much as 18 inches. New doors come with a standard high of 96″ inches and a standard width of 30 inches.

How to Measure your Door Properly

If you want to replace your current door, then measure your existing door from the top of the door to bottom and after that measure it from the left side of the door to right. Most of the doors gave thickness of 1 ¾ inch. It is also vital to measure the height of the door frame and the width of the door jamb. Make sure not to include trim while measuring.

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