Standard Door Size In Meters? – Everything You Need To Know.

Different Door Sizes

For centuries the doors have been used, and their incredibly understandable famous sizes have developed gradually. However, they are as much popular as doors become established before moving towards UK metric measurements on all the door sizes are in standard sizes.

The handy converter that is mentioned below enables you to quickly convert into metric door sizes and the other way around.

Some of the most common Standard UK door sizes are:

  • (1981 x 457/533 x 35mm) This size of doors mostly used for wardrobe doors or cupboards.
  • (1981 x 610/686 x 35mm) This popular size of doors is often used for restricted spaces or areas where a smaller type of doors are needed.
  • (1981 x 762 x 35mm) This is the most common type of internal size of doors in England & Wales that is AKA a 2’6” door!
  • (1981 x 838 x 35mm) This is one of the best door sizes for wheelchair/ mobility access i-e, AKA a 2’9” door.

What are the Metric standard door sizes?

Standard metric doors are becoming more common and popular in Scotland and Europe. The main difference between metric door sizes and the standard UK is the height of the door as it is increased up to 2040mm and the thickness of the door is 40mm, which left you with the option like:

2040 x 562/726/626/826/926 x 40mm


All the standard UK door sizes are almost equal to the standard fire door. Basically, fire doors are somehow thicker as compared to the standard UK by around 45mm.

Generally, fire doors sizes are 30”x78”, 27”x78”, and 22”x78”, but can also be available in the smaller size that is 24”x78”, Metric fire doors are also available in its standard sizes which are ranging from 726mm x 2040mm to 626mm x 2040mm, 626mm x 2040mm and 926mm x 2040mm.


French standard doors are available in a huge range of sizes, even though some of the manufacturers provide more size options as compared to others. Generally, the internal French doors are either 40mm or 35mm thick size, while their external standard French doors are 44mm in thickness and are available in sizes from 46”x78”, 36”x78” to 42”x78”, 54”78” 48”78”, and 60”78”.

Measuring Your Door


For measuring your door, you just need to have one tool that is measuring tape.

Step # 1 Measure The Width

The width of the room can be determined by using running the measuring tape, at first with tape measures the one side of your door from the left side to the right side. Check that you only measure the door itself and not the other parts of it such as weatherstripping. Note down the figure.

Step # 2 Measure The Height

For measuring the height, you need to run the measuring tape from the top to the bottom of the door in an straight line. Recheck in order to ensure that you only measure the door and no other parts like a door sweep. Note down your measured figure.

Step # 3 Measure The Thickness

In order to measure the thickness of your door you need to run the tape from the one edge of one side of the door towards the other one and after that measure the door jamb on the frame in order to check that they are the same in size. You must have to know both the numbers.

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