Types of Roofing – Cost of a New Roof

Types of Roofing - Cost of a New Roof


Today we’re going to discuss different types of metal and shingle roofing along with the cost of a new roof in each roof type.

Keep in mind we can’t give you an exact price. The price will vary with locations, manufacturers, and roofing companies.

Metal Roofing Types – Cost of a New Metal Roof

Metal roofing is starting to get very popular and for a good reason. It’s the new and improved roofing. It lasts longer and, in my opinion, looks better.

Panel-Loc Plus Metal 29 GA

This is the most popular for residential roofing. The manufacturer we use has a forty-year and a lifetime warranty.

This metal is usually fastened with inch and half screws with washers on them. It will depend on the roofing company you use, but we typically put four screws every four feet in each sheet of metal.

The ribs on the metal are spaced nine inches apart.

The material on an average house twenty squares (2000 Square feet) will run around ($2,800 – $3,000.)

There are a lot of factors involved, and this is only a rough estimate, but labor would run ($1,500-$2,200.)

You can expect to pay anywhere from ($4,300-$5,200.)

Note: This is using our manufacturer’s price list.

Panel-Loc Plus Metal 26 GA

26ga metal is also common for residential roofing but not as common as 29ga.

Since it’s a little bit thicker than the 29ga, 26ga metal will cost a little bit more.

In our opinion, it’s not worth the extra money you’ll be paying. The only reason you would want thicker metal is to avoid hail damage. The truth is if hail ruins your 29ga metal, it will do the same to the 26ga.

For 26ga metal, you can expect to pay ($200-$400) more for a 2000 Square foot roof. So anywhere from ($3,000-$3,400 in the material.)

The labor will depend on your roofer. Since 26ga is thick and harder to deal with, we usually charge a little bit more. Probably around ($200) more for a 2000 Square foot roof. In labor, you can expect between ($1,700-$2,400.)

The total for a new metal roof 2000 Square feet in 26ga will cost ($4,700-$5,800.)

Commercial High Rib Metal

This type of metal is typically used on commercial buildings such as factories, lumber companies, and most big manufacturing companies. This metal will usually be 26ga metal. It normally’s fastened every four feet, and the ribs are one foot apart.

Since this is normally used for big companies labor price will be a lot higher, mainly because there’s a lot of equipment and insurance necessary for working on commercial buildings. Big commercial roofs can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Material 2000 Square foot building (a tiny commercial building) would cost ($3,000-$3,400).

Labor is pretty much unpredictable. I’ve heard of roofers charging up to $8 a square foot to replace metal on a commercial building.

That’s($16,000 in labor) for a 2000 Square foot building.

Note: That’s a high price there are cheaper roofers available.

Standing Seam Metal

Standing seam metal is my favorite type of roofing. It is found in commercial and residential. The commercial buildings would be buildings like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Legends, and other businesses like that.

The standing seam is also used for residential roofing but is not as common due to the high cost.

Of all the types of roofing standing seam has the best quality. The ribs usually are between a foot and sixteen inches wide. It uses an inch long screw with a flat head. The screws are invisible since they are under the metal. Once it’s finished, you have a beautiful roof without any screws exposed.

A 2000 Square foot standing seam roof will run about ($4,000-$4,200.)

Labor will be ($5,800-$6,000.) Be aware I’ve seen a lot of roofers do a lousy job with standing seam metal. Do your research on the right way to do a standing seam roof and sit down with your roofer and discuss the procedure before you sign a contract.

The total will cost ($9,800-$10,200.) This could be lower, depending on a lot of factors. If you go with the standing seam, you’ll be spending a lot of money. Find a good roofer.

Asphalt Shingles

Three-tab shingles are sort of outdated. The problem is the price between three-tab and architectural shingles isn’t much, and architectural shingles are a lot higher quality. Not only do three-tab shingles have a problem with tearing in high winds, but they also don’t look as nice.

For shingles, the price will vary depending on the size of your roof. Home Depot offers a discount price for roofs 1200 Square feet or more. For a 2000 Square foot roof shingles would cost about ($1,400.) Shingles cost about $70 a square at the discount price and $100 a square at the regular price. This is for architectural shingles. 3-tab shingles are only about $10 a square cheaper. You can expect to pay ($1,200) for 3-tab shingles on a 2000 Square foot house.

There’s more to take into consideration, though. If you have existing shingles they will need to be removed. A dumpster to dispose of the shingles will cost around ($500.)

You will also need new underlayment, nails, and most likely new drip edge and ridge vent and ridge cap. This will cost from ($600.-$650.)

Labor will depend on a lot of different factors such as how steep the roof is, and how to cut up it is. On a typical 2000 Square foot house, labor in our area would be between ($1,200.-$1,600.)

You can expect the total for shingles to be between($4,150-$4,550.) 3-tab shingle will be approximately($3,950-$4,350.)

I hope this helped you see some of the different types of roofing and the cost of a new roof.


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